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Joint Ventures

If you’re looking for joint venture construction partnerships, Finedale Construction are here to help! JVs allow us to bring our extensive construction knowledge, a fresh, innovative approach, and tried and tested methods to your building project.

From new builds to large scale refurbishment projects, joint venture partnerships combine our assets and knowledge with yours, achieving maximum profit and potential. 

Rest assured, when working with us, you’ll be working with a company that understands the practicalities of a joint venture building project, and our team is happy to talk you through how we can support your project. 

We manage every project with the same drive, flexibility, and attention to detail. So if you’re looking for a professional, honest, and dedicated construction specialist for your joint venture, let's work together.

If you have another model of joint working you wish to discuss, please get in touch.

We’re specialists in joint venture construction

Beginning a construction project is hugely exciting, but inevitably, this can come with pressures. With decades of experience, we know that forward planning and research are essential in running a smooth process. Establishing financial responsibilities, project scope, and a workable schedule as partners are all key to maximising our joint investment.

Benefits of us working together on a joint venture

  • JVs allow us to share the risk and spread the cost. Working together in this way will enable us to combine our resources and subsequently, our ability to increase our buy capacity. 

  • For smaller companies, a JV will help you win projects, boost credibility, and potentially make financial pressures much easier. 

  • Equally, we work perfectly with larger companies due to our highly specialised skill set and knowledge of construction.

At Finedale Construction, we are construction specialists, well-suited for JVs where the other party has land or property that requires development. For more information about some of the skills we can bring to the table please go to our ‘Main Contractor’ page. 

Ways to combat the challenges of a joint venture in construction

  • Joint ventures should be flexible and structured around the construction project’s requirements. Due to this, different types of JVs vary significantly, and contractual agreements need to be made prior in regards to scope. It is important to do your research when looking at the type of JVs and a potential partnership. 

  • With multiple partners on the same site, scope creeps across projects can occur. However, we can manage this by implementing a responsibility matrix alongside a clear contractual agreement. Our responsibility matrix will clarify ownership and responsibilities across our partnership and can reduce scope creep across our shared work. 

  • The biggest challenge can often be the failure of partners to share information effectively. However, at Finedale Construction, we often form JVs with other companies and individuals for construction projects, so we have years of experience in communicating with multiple stakeholders effectively.


If you still have questions before entering a joint venture, you can be confident that we can discover the answer together. Our honest and dedicated team will be happy to provide you with the very best expert advice and work with you to find the right type of joint venture for your construction project.

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What entering a joint venture with us means

A joint venture partnership in construction is a temporary agreement between us to complete a building or construction project. There are a variety of JV types we can choose from so we can establish a joint venture contract that suits our shared project. 

Large scale construction projects are the primary practice; however, you can see the benefits of joint venture partnerships in both start-up and more established companies too. 

We will all agree prior how to joint venture in partnerships as there is a range of different types of JVs suitable. Whichever type of approach chosen, we will both contribute resources, time, or money to the construction project, and share the risks and benefits associated. 

Types of joint ventures in construction we can choose from

There are many to choose from with various advantages and disadvantages, so we first need to understand the types of JVs and partnerships available to us. Of course, this is something we would be happy to explain in further detail without obligations. 


For now, the three prevalent types are: 


Integrated joint venture

An integrated joint venture is when we combine resources and share profit and loss proportionate to our percentage of interest in the partnership.

Non-Integrated joint venture

A non-integrated joint venture is when we all have ownerships of our specific domain and alone are responsible for the profit and loss within our scope. 

Combination joint venture

A combination joint venture is a mixture of an integrated and non-integrated JVs. We all have ownerships of our specific scope and are responsible for the profit and loss within our area of the construction project. However, we agree to act as partners sharing portions of the work and/or general conditions.   

Looking for a construction company for your joint venture? Get in touch!

With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, Finedale Construction has formed JVs with other companies and individuals on a variety of building projects and sites in Lincoln and across the UK.


Our flexibility and ability to stick to deadlines and budget are the reasons why so many other companies have joined into a joint venture with us. If you’re interested in discussing your latest project with us or are an investor interested in dipping into the property market... We’d be thrilled to hear from you, or better yet, work with you!

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