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Property Developer

If you’re looking for a property developer who can convert land into profit, Finedale Construction are here to help!


Over many years we have been the property developer for a variety of residential and commercial properties. We know that managing the construction development process alone can sometimes feel like you have to spin multiple plates while jumping through various planning permission hoops. Our vast experience within the construction and high-value property development market lets us confidently navigate the end-to-end management of your building project.  


From our pre-planning advice through to our 12 months warranty post-construction, you can be confident that we are here to help. Our property developers will be happy to talk you through how together we can develop your land to achieve its maximum profit and potential. 


Working with Finedale Construction on your development means fresh, innovative ideas, trustworthy guidance, and a strong network of reliable partners to support at all stages. We manage every project with the same drive, flexibility, and attention to detail. So if you’re looking for a professional, honest, and dedicated property developer for your building or land development, let's work together.  

As Finedale Construction, we pride ourselves on offering a total package

With our years of experience designing developments within construction, our multidisciplinary teams can:

  • Fully manage the construction development process, taking away all the stress of coordinating different timelines, suppliers, and resources. 


  • Lead the construction, redevelopment, or refurbishment of buildings to a high value.


  • Ensure full compliance with planning conditions and building regulations, liaising will all required professional bodies.

  • Use design value engineering to maximise value for resale or rental.

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What we can bring you as a property developer with a specialism in construction

From concept to construction, we have profit and potential in mind. We understand that a property developer is central to managing, planning, monitoring, and coordinating the whole property development process. With decades of experience completing full construction projects and with our strong network of partners, we know how to deliver on time, on budget, and maximise opportunities.


We understand that every project should begin with the end in mind. Our design-focused projects, individually developed for clients who simply want the best, focus on professionalism, quality and those all-important finishing touches. Our partner design team, Ophelia Blake Interior Design, will bring soul, character, and purpose to every inch of your development.


We don’t just run away, we set you up for the future, and we always have the big picture in mind. All land and property development; from residential real estate construction to commercial properties, affects the environment. We’ve recognised this impact, and as a result, we strive to integrate an awareness for wildlife in every development. For example, we can provide and install insect hotels, hedgehog houses and bird boxes and we’ve previously built allotments that homeowners can access and run as part of a wider community.

Looking for a property developer to maximise your next land development project? Get in touch!

We are always interested in hearing about new development opportunities. If you’ve recently acquired residential land and are looking for a professional and trustworthy construction and property developer, then look no further than Finedale Construction. 


Our flexibility, eye for detail, and our strong network of trusted partners are the reasons why so many clients prefer our construction developer services over our competitors. 


If you’ve recently acquired land and are interested in discussing how you can maximise its profit and potential, please get in touch.  We’d be thrilled to hear from you, or better yet, work with you!

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