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Safety features you need to introduce to your construction project.

We all know that safety on a construction site is vital to any project. If you’re in charge of a construction project due to start soon, now is an excellent time to start looking at some of the multiple health and safety options available. This will help you keep a safe working environment for everyone working on the project.

Apart from hiring a reliable and trustworthy construction contractor (such as Finedale!), ensuring that your project is safe, secure and has all the necessary safety features implemented is crucial to the smooth progression of your development. So we’ve put together a few safety features that you should look to introduce to your construction project.


Alarms don’t have to be just a form of security monitoring system; it could be a battery-operated alarm that’s designed to sound off when something gets out of line. You might think this is an obvious choice, but choosing the right type of alarm for your construction project can make all the difference to onsite security and safety.

For example, alongside a security alarm, it is also worth considering a fire sound system. This could be in the form of an alarm or sound system that would alert the construction workers if there is a fire on site.

When choosing your alarm system, you can choose between professional help or a self-service ‘buy and install’. If you install an alarm system through a private company, look for one that will provide you with the right kind of support after installation. Whatever alarm system you go for, position them at stations across the site, and remember to carry our frequent drills to iron out any complications.

Centralised Monitoring Systems

Using a centralised monitoring system is a practical and efficient way of monitoring your building progress and construction workers. A centralised monitoring system allows you to control your development for onsite safety, site rules, visitors, and out of hours security. There are many effective centralised monitor systems, from traditional screen monitors to smart technology. You can even choose to self-monitor or pay an external company.


Whether you’re building a private or a commercial building, you may wish to install CCTV as part of your centralised monitoring system. Having video footage alongside any alarms and systems means that the footage can be used to understand and investigate when issues occur.

Here are a few tips for when it comes to choosing CCTV:

  • Pick a camera that can be connected to a camera feed so you can view as far away as possible. Being able to see the footage on your phone or computer will help you to monitor your site in real-time.

  • Ensure that your chosen security system has the right kind of monitoring for your type of construction project. Your camera requirements will all depend on what you’re building.

  • CCTV is recommended more for large scale construction projects. Make sure you choose a CCTV system that has a higher resolution, a clearer picture, and enough recording time so that you can watch longer footage.

Construction Project Management Software

It can be challenging to know what security measures you should choose for your construction project with so many different types. One you should consider is having some kind of centralised software.

Construction project management software is a set of project management tools construction companies, and contractors use to improve the planning, management and coordination of a building project. Some construction project management software also comes preloaded with Risk Assessment, Method Statements templates, and Tool Box talks. Having a system that covers all these features ensures the process of making staff and contractors RAMS compliant is quicker and easier. Plus, all the evidence is logged digitally with a signature and completion date for any legal requirements.

There are different types of software available for both mobile and desktop users. It can be used by a range of construction management professionals, such as property developers, independent construction managers, contractors, architects and many more.

Construction project management software can also alert you if your construction site is breached, making it a great security feature to have too. It is well worth considering as if everything is well planned and managed, your construction project remains a safe working environment for everyone.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

If you are ever unsure of where and if health and safety precautions are required, you can contact HSE for advice and guidance. There are also various ‘help’ guides at

Working with Finedale Construction

It goes without saying that thanks to our huge amount of experience in the construction industry site safety and security are considered from the very start of the project when you choose to work with us.

We are always interested in hearing about new development opportunities. If you’ve recently acquired residential land and are looking for a professional and trustworthy construction and property developer, then look no further than Finedale Construction.


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