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Finedale Construction

Construction and Property Developer in Lincoln

We are a main contractor and developer working primarily in the residential sector. Over many years we have completed a variety of residential developments all over the UK from our base in North Lincolnshire.

Finedale Construction has created a strong network of partners, providing resources for our companies continuous growth. Our flexibility allows us to work with a multitude of clients through various mechanisms, from joint ventures, to simply acting as main contractor or developer which has resulted in us working alongside amazing individuals in some incredible places.

All our projects, begin with the end result in mind - a successful project that exceeds our clients’ expectations in every area - we manage every project with the same drive and attention to detail, optimising design and commitment to innovation and providing our clients with the very best expert advice, forever bound by our ethos to be: Professional, Honorable, Accomplished and Trustworthy.


professionally-built schemes | 

delivered to an exceptional standard | 

completed on time | 

bang on budget | 


Let's Work Together





We often approach collaborative contracting via joint ventures. This can offer a vehicle that combines expertise, capital, skills, and knowledge to execute a specific project or venture. 

We at Finedale appreciate that joint ventures can take on a variety of forms, but all should be based upon mutually agreed objectives, and as such we would be happy to discuss this further with you.



As the main contractor, our multi-disciplinary team will take responsibility for the day-to-day oversight of your project, including management of all site works and communication of information to all involved parties throughout. 

We will provide and work on forecasting timelines and budgets working to your architect's plan drawings and specifications keeping you updated at all times.


The works will of course be delivered under a contractual agreement between both parties and our role will vary depending on the type of contract used. 



Finedale Constructure has been the property developer for a variety of residential and commercial properties. Our vast experience within the construction and high-value property development market lets us confidently navigate the end-to-end management of your building project.

Working with us as your Property Developer, Finedale Construction will become your single point of contact, adding an inherent efficiency and effectiveness to your construction project.

Scarlett and Malcome Blaket of Finedale Construction

"You could say, Malcolm builds from the outside in, with an eye on construction, whilst I build from the inside out, with an eye on design"

...Scarlett Blakey



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We would be truly thrilled to hear from you... or BETTER work with you...

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